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Machinery and Equipment

The high end machineries and equipment facilitate in the manufacturing of tools, with all the right measurements. We have incorporated the best of technology to bring about the best in production.

CNC Grinding Machines

  • State of the art setup with CNC tool grinding machines from ANCA.
  • 5-axis CNC tool and cutter grinders allow the manufacturing of tools with complicated geometries and forms.

Edge Preparation Equipment

  • An important but often overlooked process is, preparing the edge of the cutting tool called as edge honing or edge rounding. This is done to prevent edge chip off which substantially improves the tool life. At MSTM, we use diamond-tipped nylon rotary brush and abrasive files to control the amount of edge roundness as per the application of the cutting tool.

Quality Inspection Machines

  • For our quality inspection requirements, we use machines from ZOLLER and Speroni SPA.
  • Our ZOLLER Genius 3s inspection unit is capable of rapidly testing individual criteria as well as complete tool parameters. It is fully automatic and the operator-independent checks of our tools are checked quickly, simply and extremely precisely.

Measuring Equipment

  • We utilize a large number of high precision equipment to ensure tool run outs remain minimal.
  • Measurements are done using a wide variety of 1 & 2 micron dial gauges, micrometres and Vernier callipers.