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The diligent work of the highly-specialized engineers and operators has been the reason for the rapid rise in the MSTM’s standard through the years. Here at MSTM, we strongly believe in tending to the needs of the customer by providing exemplary customer services by way of frequent one-to-one customer interaction.

Application Engineers

  • Our team of skilled professionals, with their expertise, have been essential in producing effective and modern solutions in the ever evolving cutting tool industry.
  • They provide customized solutions depending on tool application, machine capability and productivity to ensure the most cost-effective cost-per-component.

Design Engineers

  • Our in-house team of design engineers in R&D make sure that the most optimal tool design and geometry for the given application is created.
  • We have a vast library of cutting tool parameters (geometrical and operational) suited for various types of workpiece materials and their application.

Machine Operators

  • Trained personnel, with decades of experience, operate the grinding machines that produce tools with the highest-level of precision and accuracy. This ensures that tool productions times are low which in turn provides extremely quick delivery.
  • These operators have mastered skills that give MSTM an advantage by offering a wide variety of drill points as well as tool profiles in carbide tool manufacturing.

Quality Control Engineers

  • All tools are analysed by a team of technically-qualified quality control engineers before they can be labelled as manufactured.
  • Skilled in detecting defects, our engineers study these tools under high magnification and use sophisticated equipment, assuring that our customers receive only the best tools.

Process Flow

Tool Selection from Component Drawing

Our expert team of application engineers study the component drawing on the customer side and list out the tools required.Their focus is to provide the best possible tooling solution to the customer in terms of cost and productivity.


Tool Geometry Designing

Our R&D team Works closely with the application engineer to define the tool requirements.Based on the work material as well as machining operations,the most optimal tool geometry is selected from our comprehensive database. The tool drawingis then finalized and send to the next step.



The grade is chosen based on application.This, with the tool drawing,is released into production.



Based On type of tool,there are a variety of manufacturing operations that take place.After every operation, standard measurement instruments (micrometer,web thickness gage,optical profile projector) are used to ensure consistent quality and accuracy is maintained.



All tools pass through general inspection. Optical profile projectors are used for preliminary checking while our Zoller Genius 3 inspection unit is utilized for final tool checking. Tight tolerances are maintained on all our tools.Tool are then dispatched for coating.



For drills, an additional process of edge preparation is performed to substantially improve tool life.it is performed by using either a nylon steel tipped rotary brush or abrasive files.Edge evenness and width is checked using the Zoller pomSkpGo inspection machine.



MSTM has its Own PWD coating setup capable of providing multiple coating Solutions based on application The tools un dergo ngarpus clearning to remove any surface dust before 0ating . Once coaling has been performed , the thickness of the coating is checked to ensure consistency The cutting adge is checked under a 30x Tmicroscope to ensure there is np flaking of the coating .



The tools then packed In Custom - designed MSTM containers to ensue that no garTiage reaches them duranspora tion . Our witle logistics network makes certain that the tocl reaches the customer safely and quickly.