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The employment of the best methods in the industry leads to the manufacturing of tools of the highest quality. We at MSTM have been equipped to deliver the best.


In addition to a wide variety of standard drill types, we manufacture special high-performance drills based on customer’s nature of application.

Step Drills

  • Multiple diameters in a single hole can be machined using a single tool.
  • Centrality of the hole is maintained in addition to reducing tooling cost.

Subland Drills

  • This is a special type of step drill that is used when the smaller diameter is less than 50% of the larger diameters.
  • Each diameter has their separate flute and land and hence maintains a consistent geometry which increases the number of possible regrinds.

Ball Drills

  • Continuously varying point angle geometry of this special-type drill generates less heat while drilling.
  • Used in machining of abrasive work materials and provides burr-free breakthrough operation.

Double & Triple Margin Drills

  • In deep-hole drilling applications, hole centrality and concentricity is an issue. Double and triple margin drills provide the extra support required to mitigate this issue.
  • Drill buckling instability while machining at entrance of the hole is prevented.

Chipbreaker Drills

  • For easier chip evacuation in deep holes, chipbreaker drills can be used which break long chips into smaller and more manageable chips while machining.
  • This also allows more coolant to reach the drill point, thereby improving tool life.

Double & Triple Point Drill

  • In applications where the exit of the hole needs to be smooth and burr free, this type of drill is utilized.
  • Additional deburring operations are not required, increasing productivity and keeping tool costs lower.

Planar Rake Face (PRF) Drill

  • While machining soft materials it is important to prevent digging or drill grabbing, especially at the end of the hole and hence a specialized rake face on the cutting edge is manufactured.
  • This type of drill finds use in machining of unannealed steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, plastics, etc.

Milling Cutters

Our range of milling cutters use ultra-high carbide grades and superior manufacturing practices for high stock removal and yet maintain longer edge retention on the cutting edge.

End Milling Cutters

  • Standard end mills are for side cutting and face cutting with square face and corner radius.
  • Multi flute, with up to 7 flutes, are essential for higher stock removal and smoother surface finish.
  • Center cutting for plunge milling and non-centre cutting for shoulder milling & slot milling is preferred.

Ballnose Cutters

  • High-precision ball nose cutters are required for contour milling of complex 3D profiles.
  • Ball radius deviation within 5 microns ensures that the designed mould is accurate to the drawing.
  • High performance for hard machining of steel grades up to 70 HRC hardness with new HSN2 coating is possible.
  • Diamond-coated ballnose cutters used in the machining of graphite dies & moulds are also available.

Taper Form Milling Cutters

  • Applications that require taper in side walls use this form of tool.
  • Taper angles of ± 15 minutes tolerance can be achieved.

Profile Tools

For generating critical and highly accurate profiles on components, profile tools are used. A high number of features can be integrated into the profile of the tool with tight tolerances and can be used as a combination of roughing and finishing tool.

Form Tools

  • Complex profiles such as multi-step, multi-angular, radius tools can be manufactured.

Fir-tree cutters

  • Fir-tree cutters, form tools that are heavily used in the aerospace and auto-component industry are manufactured with high accuracy and precision.

T-Slot cutters

  • T-Slot cutters with complex profiles are used for making profile slots.


In certain applications, extremely close tolerances are required while making drill holes. To accomplish this, we manufacture reamers that are capable of within ±1 micron tolerances with a very smooth surface finish.


  • High number of flutes provides very good surface finish.
  • Cro-Pro coating increases tool life substantially under low temperatures and low stock removal condition


  • To improve productivity, two operations namely, high stock removal and surface finishing, are done using one tool and in a single operation.


  • To even further improve productivity, the entire hole-making operation from drilling the hole, enlarging it and then finishing the hole can be done in one single tool.
  • This reduces tooling cost as well as simplifies the manufacturing process.