Providing tooling solutions since 1991
CNC Grinding Machines

State of the art setup with CNC tool grinding machines from ANCA Australia. 5-axis CNC tool and cutter grinders allow the manufacturing of tools with complicated geometries and forms.

Quality Inspection Machines

For our quality inspection requirements, we use a Zoller Genius 3s & 3m inspection machine. It is capable of rapidly testing individual criteria as well as complete tool parameters. It is fully automatic and the operator independent checks of our tools are checked quickly, simply and precisely.

Edge Rounding & Surface Finish

An important but often overlooked process is, preparing the edge of the cutting tool called as edge honing or edge rounding. This is done to prevent edge chip off which substantially improves the tool life. At MSTM, we have our own proprietary methodology to accurately round the edge of cutting tools as required by the application. To measure the edge rounding as well as the surface finish of the rake & relief faces, we use the Zoller myFocus machine.

Research & Development

MSTM has its own R&D cell consisting of a DMG Mori NVX 5060 VMC and other advanced measuring equipment. All new tool designs are rigorously tested and optimized in-house before they are sold in to the market.