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Atlas - Flat Bottom Drills
  • MSTM’s Ares drill series is used for stainless steel, Titanium and other difficult-to-machine applications. With its specialized point geometry, flute design, carbide substrate and coating, high productivity & long tool life can be achieved
  • Special ultrafine carbide substrate with high hot hardness properties ensures performance even under tough conditions
  • Engineered cutting edge reinforcement design improves edge strength while maintaining edge sharpness for better material cutting
  • Wide flute design having ample space for better chip evacuation
  • Special point and flute shape to produce short chips for easier evacuation
  • Through-coolant design for better cooling and improved chip evacuation
  • Specialized TiAlSiN coating with HiPIMS technology with superb heat resistance and smooth surface finish reduces the formation of BUE and provides increased performance even in work hardened conditions.