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Apollo - Wheel Hub Drills
  • In the machining of automotive wheel hubs, the bolt hole needs to have a smooth surface finish with minimal concentricity. To ensure this, generally a drill operation is followed by a reaming operation with a chamfer tool to remove the entry burr.
  • The drill design is specialized to prevent the chip from damaging the surface of the bore hole
  • Due to the effects of heat generation while machining, the bore surface will undergo strain-hardening leading to poor press fitting of the hub bolts. Apollo drills are designed to produce minimal heat while machining by customizing the point geometry and guide pads
  • Customized cutting edge design provides equal forces throughout the cutting edge lip improving hole stability and reducing tool deflection
  • Advanced tool design leads to superior chip breaking properties resulting in excellent chip evacuation and superior surface finish quality
  • By maintaining close tolerances while manufacturing, Apollo drills produce holes with minimal oversize eliminating the requirement of an expensive reaming operation.
  • With the addition of a step diameter, the chamfer operation removes the entry burr, reducing the need of an additional tool and thereby saving valuable machining time and tooling cost